Labeling and new laws on labels?

by Eve Resnick on January 24, 2008

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Labels are a very important part of branding: a label will help a wine stand out among the hundreds of bottles displayed on the shelves in a supermarket or a wine store. They also have a very important legal function: every winery is supposed to print warnings on health and wine consumption, alcohol content, origins, place of bottling.

The legal requirements of the TTB are already numerous but might be reinforced. After 30 years of deliberations, the federal regulators have proposed requiring the alcoholic-beverage industry, i.e. wine, beer and spirits, to put nutrition and alcohol-content facts on the labels. The point that is rubbing is the alcohol-by-volume statement required by the TTB. Consumers currently have no standardized information on calories, ingredients, or alcohol in a serving of beer, wine or spirit. If the regulation is applied, wine producers will have to print a nutrition fact per serving on the label. It implies new costs as well as loos of quality in the art work that most labels have become.

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