Presentation of "Wine Brands"

by Eve Resnick on January 22, 2008

in International Markets

The subject of wine marketing is widely treated by practitioners, wine marketing experts as well as many organizations in many countries. But we are now entering a new era for marketers: peers trust peers. Top-down messaging is losing ground, while bottom-up buzz is gaining power. Every few months new technologies, new devices and new practices require analysis, creative processes and adaptation to the wine business.

Wine business is booming in many parts of the world (the NewWorld) and losing ground in Old Europe, the birth place of the industry. Many experts point at various reasons but the main cultprits can be downsized to one major reason: in the Old World, wine is still perceived as a local product while in the New World it already gained an international status and image.

E-marketing is a global strategy based on a transcultural approach of new behavourial patterns in traditional and emerging markets. For the first time we are able to measure the consumption patterns of an entire market and adjust quickly to their behaviours. This finer knowledge of new trends allows us to better understand wine brands in a very competitive and staurated market. This practical new book is written in an easy and accessible style. Illustrated with many case studies from around the world, it describes how marketers and academics can respond to new challenges in the wine trade and is an invaluable guide to anyone working in, or interested in, this industry.

“Wine Brands” is available on pre-order on

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