Wine consumers in the world: lifestyle and pleasure

by Eve Resnick on January 30, 2008

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Wine consumption is dropping in France, one of the historical wine producing countries in Europe but going up in Germany while the US will soon be the world’s largest wine consumer.

In Germany, the consumption per habitant was 320,6 liters between August 2006 and July 2007. It’s an increase of 0,5 l. per habitant. The total consumption was 16,9 millions, after France (33 millions hl), Italy (28 millions) and the US (24 millions).

How can the US be soon the largest wine consumer? “Wine Market Council President John Gillespie told that ‘most in the wine trade believe that the US passed Italy in 2007‘ in terms of overall consumption – and is likely to pass France in total volume of wine consumption by 2010.” Even if their per capita consumption is lower than France and Italy, the US may reach the no 1 position in overall consumption as soon as 2008.

These dry figures are telling us that wine is now a lifestyle: instead of drinking beer or spirits, the Americans are turning to wine as part of a sophisticated and elegant lifestyle. Wine is the trendy drink just after work, to relax before a dinner or part of a convivial meal.

Welcome to our American friends to the club!

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