Japanese brand with a French signature available in UK

by Eve Resnick on February 18, 2008

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In Wine Brands, I write a lot about Japan, its wine culture and its consumers. Japan was the first Asian market open to European wines and mostly French wines that they considered as the best. Hopefully they still do!

Today the news hit the blogosphere: Japanese wines are coming to Europe! How exciting! It is a white wine, called Shizen, produced by Asagiri with the help of the French Denis Dubourdieu. It is made from the indigenous Koshu grape, grown entirely in Japan. It is only 11% of alcohol.

Why import a local (but unknown) grape to Europe? “There is an international market for wines with a real sense of origin,” Dubourdieu told decanter.com. “The world doesn’t need another Chardonnay, but there seems to be a real durable interest in typicity and provenance.”

The Japanese producers hope the growing success of Japanese cuisine in Great-Britain and in Europe will generate some word of mouth success. The wine is available at the Michelin-starred restaurant Umu in the Mayfait district in London and at the Greenhouse restaurant within the same group, also in Mayfair, both by the glass and by the bottle

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