The collapse of a brand: will Stormhoek survive the Orbital storm?

by Eve Resnick on February 11, 2008

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In “Wine Brands” I was very happy to tell the saga and then success story of the Stormhoek brand. Stormhoek was the first wine brand to apply successfully a viral marketing strategy on the Web. The sales of the wine sky rocketed but not enough it would seem to allow its main company, Orbital Wines, to florish.

Stormhoek was just brought by South African Origin Wines based in Stellenbosch. The main question now is every marketer’s mind is: will the new owner turn Stormhoek into a straightforward trading brand, or keep up the interesting marketing strategy developed by Orbital wines?

Here is the story I’ll follow up with a lot of interest in the next few weeks!

PS. Sorry for the interruption in this blog, dear readers. One of those very bad colds that turns the mind of the sick person into mulch!

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