eWineMatch.com: a new tool for wine and food pairing

by Eve Resnick on March 17, 2008

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An overwhelmed consumer, hesitating to choose the right wine to pair with his/her dish, has now a very efficient and free tool to get an answer. Technology (or wine 2.0) is now at our doorstep to answer our needs and help us to make the right decision. And what a pleasure for the consumer not to have to stand in a supermarket aisle looking in desperation at miles of shelves packed with unknown (or too well-known) wines just before dinner time!

An American company recently launched a real-time in-store mobile food and wine pairing, eWine Match. The mind behind eWine Match is chef and wine educator Jerry Comfort, who helped to develop a database grouping foods and wines according to intensity of flavors and reactivity. How does it work for the consumer? The shopper texts the meal’s key ingredient or type of cuisine to 411511 and within seconds receives three wine selections. The service is free, is totally portable and responds specifically to the food submitted. “And the beauty of a data-driven platform”, said chef Jerry Comfort, “is that it is constantly growing and as we get new and unusual text messages we will continue to expand the database.”

Today, eWinewatch.com’s press release announced a “partnership” with Foster’s Wine estates Americas, carrying Beringer Vineyards, Chateau St. Jean in the US, Penfolds, Rosemount and Wolf Blass in Australia, Castello di Gabbiano in Italy and Matua Valley in New Zealand. As a user of eWinewatch.com when in the US, I’m a little disturbed by this new partnership. Indeed, before the agreement with Foster’s, I had a much wider range of brands suggested for my wine and food pairings. Today I searched for a pairing with roasted duck and, out of 11 answers, I had 4 Beringer and 2 Penfolds wines recommended. Of course I understand the development of such a platform is very costly. But independence is also a good way to attract the consumer.

Anyway I shouldn’t complain about it since I’m very impressed by the technology behind this new tool and in awe of such a great service offered to the consumer. When will this service be available in Europe? Congratulations to chef Jerry Comfort and his technical partners.

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