The Indian consumer and wine industry

by Eve Resnick on March 26, 2008

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Last week, I had the pleasure to meet two Indian men, both wine drinkers and lovers and discuss with them the rising Indian wine industry and the growing interest of their countrymen and women for wine.

Today, I read a new article about a Indian wine industry. India holds two main wine companies, Sula and Indage. It happens that, last week, as I was talking to my two new friends, Indage acquired the 90,000-tonne-capacity Loxton winery of Australian Vintage Ltd (formerly McGuigan Simeon Wines) in South Australia for $60 million. Indians are getting more acquainted with wine and are looking for quality wines. The acquisition of the Australian winery will bring to Indage quality fruit and the possibility of making better wines. Their wines will be very affordable (around $5 a bottle) and will contribute to the wine education of the Indian drinker.

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