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by Eve Resnick on March 10, 2008

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While writing Wine Brands, I came across a very interesting wiki,, founded in 2006 by Jeff Dracup, Colleen Wagner and Kevin Jackson – three people who enjoy trying new wines, but who found that most wines had no rating. Their idea is to challenge the power of the wine critics, and to give the power to the consumers. Why should consumers choose their wines only on the advice of a few wine critics, who have access to a limited number of bottles? “First, the ratings come from a select group of people who may or may not have the same taste in wine as the average consumer. Second, and more importantly, there are just too many wines being released each year for all wines to be rated by such a small group of wine tasters. As a consequence, we found that the vast majority of wines have no rating,” said Jeff Dracup, Co-Founder/CEO of WineApe.

The idea behind is to create an international community of wine tasters/consumers who share their tasting notes with everybody. Not only will this community bypass the wine critics, who publish in print or even on the Net at very carefully chosen times (to be ahead of competition), but the community will help the wine makers to know their consumers better. The ratings of their wines by their consumers are included in emails that go to the wineries. “We’re hoping these emails will provide wineries with the feedback from consumers necessary to help wineries improve their wines and offer better wine values,” says Colleen Wagner, President.

Fast to inform, fast to react, fast to form his/her own opinion, here is the new consumer of the 21st century.

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