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by Eve Resnick on April 9, 2008

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Videos are more and more present on the Net. Community sites, like YouTube, are the perfect example of this new trend. The wine business could use this new technological trend to promote wine makers, producers, wines and all the industry-related products and/or services. Marketers and communications people should use it as one of the best PR tool.

Let’s be clear: I’m not talking about videos done by a journalist or an interview – this is PR, it’s not brand positioning. Brand positioning by video relies on a video written and conceived for your brand, your winery, or your store by a professional. There are a scenario, a text, a music. Why? There are four communication elements, as Jerry Bader explained on his article for, “Brand Positioning Using Web-Video“:

  • the scenario, telling your brand story or the story of your business,
  • the sight which provides the visual context and reference,
  • the sound providing, through human voice, “focus, emphasis, familiarity and personality, all of which are necessary in the creation of a meaningful, memorable experience”,
  • the “score: Music, Emotion and Focus” – a musical score creates an appropriate emotional atmosphere providing audio cues that direct attention and re-enforce memory recall”.

To illustrate his theory, Jerry Bader created a video presented in 3 versions: visual only, visual+speech, visual+speech+visual. It shows very clearly how the combination of the 3 elements makes the video very efficient.

Is there any interesting brand positioning videos on the Net? I can think of a few – some very sophisticated as the videos of Château Haut-Brion or more practical as those of Gary Vaynerchuk and Olivier Magny. Château Haut-Brion took the trouble to shoot very professional videos with a scenario, narration, beautiful pictures and music. The budget required by this type of brand positioning is, of course, out of reach for a lot of companies. That’s why it is interesting to look how smaller and younger companies promote their brands.

As our friend from OpenWine Consortium said last night during our Internet live broadcast,, Gary Vaynerchuk promotes his wine store, Wine Library in New Jersey, almost only on the Internet by his videos. The brick and mortar store doesn’t even have a window on the street. His model is strictly a “click and mortar” store: his videos made Gary an international star of the wine business and his store is largely known on the Net, certainly increasing his on line sales.

Olivier Magny also owns a store in Paris, O Chateau. He promotes himself and his store through the videos of his blog,, like his funny Pinot Noir video on Place de la Concorde. On his blog roll, we can see several of our OWC friends, Petrogasm and Catavino, for example. A man of taste!

Do Gary and Olivier answer the criteria set by Jerry Bader? Almost: they provide a scenario, a text, a funny presentation full of humor and young energy – but no music. Which is also the case – weirdly enough – of a very professional endeavor: Their videos are introduced by a music theme but there is no sound – besides the interview or the speech – during the presentation. The music doesn’t come in support of the content. As stated in their press release, “The channel is aimed at upscale consumers — from Boomers to Millennials — seeking relevant features to enhance their wine knowledge or discover new wine brands and regions. enters the market as wine continues to grow in popularity among a wide range of adults, and is the first effort to bring an original, broad-based on-demand Internet channel to millions of consumers through multimedia storytelling and information.”

Even missing an element, the videos of Gary Vaynerchuck, Olivier Magny or are good branding positioning tools. The image carried on the Net is clean, professional and diverse, as well as driving consumers to the brands.

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