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by Eve Resnick on May 7, 2008

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Wine consumption was part of a very large debate in France in the last months. Some anti-alcohol lobbies were able to stigmatize wine and spirits consumers. It went so far as to drive the French wine writers association to organize a convention on the real numbers of wine consumers in France. They showed that in the official statistics the consumption of the 70 million of tourists is included and of course drives the figures very high. It would seem French people drink about 47 l per year instead of the 55l officially advertised.

Whatever the figures, I’m more interested in what and how wine consumers buy their favorite drink. The national spending average is of 516 euros a year. This figure is an average between the 1,070 euros a year spent by the 34% of afficionados who drink mostly red wine and the 64% of occasional drinkers who spend 542 euros. Not surprisingly, French people buy mostly French wines: 68% from Bordeaux, 53% from Burgundy, 46% from Champagne and Rhone Vallye, 38% from Alsace and Provence. They buy mostly red wines (83%), but also indulge in white wines (55%) and keep a little fondness for Champagne, followed by rosé and sparkling wines.

The most important part of the study shows that people buy wine to share a good time and enjoy themselves. There is only a very tiny minority buying wine for speculation. Wine is still the best way to link people together! Cheers!

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1 Julie July 8, 2008 at 4:03 pm

Do you have these figures for American consumers? I also thought that I heard that for the first time in France, spirits consumption is outpacing wine consumption.

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