The wine industry in… 2058

by Eve Resnick on May 13, 2008

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Sorry for the interruption, my friends but… I live in France. Which means I’m coming out of a 5-day weekend starting last Wednesday night and finishing this morning! I worked a little over this long weekend but not as much as I would usually. Indeed we had the most gorgeous weather – it felt like summer! Very difficult to work under such strenuous conditions!

I didn’t work much but I more or less caught up on my reading. I happen to read a very interesting study done by London’s Berry Brothers and Rudd on the wine industry in fifty years. Indeed if we go back 50 years ago, we see how different our tastes were, whether we were English, French, American or Japanese. Robin Garr, author of the and the 30SecondWineAdvisor newsletter, got the permission from BBR to make the full 12-page report available to his readers. This report is really worth reading. Don’t hesitate to download it on Robin’s website while it’s still available.

I’m not sure I agree 100% with all their conclusions but it shows some interesting prospectives. It reminds me of Futurewise by Pr. Patrick Dixon on the future of our society. An other good reading.

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