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by Eve Resnick on May 15, 2008

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A large part of one of the chapters of Wine Brands was dedicated to crushpad.com, this luxury winery based in San Francisco. Why was that? Crushpadwine.com and crushnet allow want-to-be winemakers to make wine… on the Net if they don’t live in California. They have access to all the facilities via videos and podcasts. Crushnet goes even further, as stated in their press release: “Crushpad is at the forefront of the Wine 2.0 movement, providing new wine makers with the resources and support to create their own luxury vintage from grape to bottle — and a unique opportunity to express their creativity through wine making. Something that until now has been reserved only for professional winemakers living in wine country.”

There are three features that really attracted my attention:

– “Real-time, streaming video that allows individuals to direct the action from the comfort of their living room: panning, tilting and zooming in on all the activities at Crushpad’s 34,000 square foot winery and communicating with Crushpad staff; even cheering on members of their wine making group from afar.”

– A wiki : “Enowiki, an online resource that demystifies many of the more technical aspects of wine making.”

– “Wine Styler, an online tool that enables individuals to graphically define the style of their wine and automatically drive the associated technical wine making decisions. Wine Styler is also tightly integrated with Enowiki and educational videos to provide a comprehensive wine design environment.”

I just wish we had such a tool in Europe!

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1 Robert McIntosh May 15, 2008 at 10:58 pm

I haven’t tried them yet, but have you come across http://www.mesvignes.com?

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