Why do we write about wine?

by Eve Resnick on May 6, 2008

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Did you ever ask yourself this question? Or did anybody ask you this question? To tell you the truth, I’m a little in trouble to answer it. Since our tomorrow’s podcast is on this very subject, I might as well try to start thinking about it today!

As far as I remember – even as a young child – I always loved and enjoyed writing. If I tell you I wrote very long letters to friends and family during my school vacation when a child, I’m afraid you’ll easily figure out how old I am! Then growing up as a teenager and a young woman, I kept writing – for pleasure and for work. I became one of those academics publishing articles and books on various subjects. Let’s explain the situation: I already had several careers – the first one as a visiting Professor at UCLA and then as a teacher in France, the second one as a writer, an editorial consultant and a publisher; an other one as an academic and researcher and the current one as an international wine consultant, writer and educator. Writing is the only activity I never quit.

Why do I write? Because I love sharing my passion for whatever is my topic of the moment: wine, lifestyle, food, travel, cross-cultures, history. Because I’m an educator at heart: nothing makes me happier than facing a young (or older) crowd of people sharing my passion, agreeing or disagreeing with what I just said and exchanging ideas and tips. Because I’m lucky to have two languages to express myself and several cultures to share and explore.

What do I write about? I don’t enjoy writing tasting notes, for example: tasting is a personal experience, happening at a certain time and for a certain occasion. Taste the same wine with different people, at a different place and for a different occasion: you won’t have the same feeling. I like writing about wine and food cultures in the world, about people I met and what they brought me as human beings, about history of wine and food all around the world. I enjoy sharing addresses of places I discovered while traveling and talk with people I don’t know.

I feel a little self conscious talking so much about myself! I look forward to hearing what others have to say on why, what and how they write about wine.

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