Indian wines soon released in UK

by Eve Resnick on June 10, 2008

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I’m absolutely fascinated by the Indian wine industry. I already wrote a few posts on the subject on this blog: India, as a wine producing country and market; the Indian wine consumer; and many others where India was mentioned.

Today an even more amazing news was released by Indage, one of the two largest Indian wineries (the other one being Sula). Indage will release new brands in UK to complement the curry whose British love so much. The red and white wines, specially created to accompany the sometimes spicy and hot curry flavors, will be distributed in supermarkets as well as restaurants.

It is a very smart move if you know that the curry industry in UK is worth £3.5 billion every year: if British people select the new Indage wines instead of beer to drink with their curry, the wines could bring a lot of money to Indage.

According to journalist Aislinn Simpson, “Santosh Verma, the director of Indage, hopes to convince British consumers that South Asian wines are just as good as established labels. “India has the perfect soil for grapes,” he said. “With the Himalayas in the north and Western and Eastern Ghats towards the south, we are taller than any European mountains. Our wines are on a par with any superior-quality wines from any part of the world”.”

With a growing middle-class buying Indian wines, the local wine industry has a beautiful future.

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