The demographics of wine bloggers: US vs. Europe

by Eve Resnick on June 12, 2008

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Yesterday, during the on line radio show for the new wine consumer about the first American and European Wine Bloggers Conferences, we brushed on a topic that could be interesting to both sides of the Atlantic: the differences of demographics between Europe and the US.

In continental Europe, the main bloggers are usually wine makers or wine lovers. It might not be true in every country but in France, it is obvious: the main bloggers are the Perrin family, Bizeul from the Clos des Fées, Alain-Dominique Perrin from Château Lagrezette in Cahors and Château Palmer in Margaux. They write mostly about their vineyards and sometimes expands on topics related to the wine industry in their country or outside. But the core subject of the blog is related to their vineyard. Some blogs are even only in French – which considerably reduces the audience – but many are bilingual (French and English).

The situation is very different in the UK and the US – in the UK, because the wine makers are still a minority and in the US, because marketers, journalists, wine lovers and academics are driving the movement. It makes the conversation between writers and audience a lot more rewarding as well as lively. The OWC community provides information and links to a lot of those blogs through the Wine Bloggers Group.

I’d like to hear from bloggers from Europe on this topic. Do you share my opinion or do you have information that contradict me completely?

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