African Americans and wine

by Eve Resnick on July 17, 2008

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I’m not a big believer in marketing wine specifically for an ethnic category. But I was interested by Zachary M.C. Harris’ statement in his site, TheBlackWiner: “The Black Winer strives to expose African Americans [and others] to wines, without the flair, stuffiness, and airs of elitism and snobbery that you get from sommeliers and high level wine enthusiasts. We believe in finding something that you like the taste of, outside of the basic brands that you have been force-fed over the years through a combination of ethnically targeted advertising, and what people in your family have historically been drinking.”

Harris’ point is well taken. We all need to educate our drinkers, whether they are African Americans, Hispanic, female, young or male. His approach is interesting since TheBlackWiner is “a web site and free community portal that not only reviews all types of wines without language that doesn’t relate to most people, but also allows members to add their own reviews on wine, connect with other members based on wine interests, and host their own online diary of their wine experiences.” It’s not new but the approach is worth it: let’s educate as many people as we an, give them a taste for good wine as well as the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family over a glass of wine!

Good luck to Zacchary Harris in his venture!

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