Are computer geeks beer drinkers?

by Eve Resnick on July 7, 2008

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Today we received a mail order from a computer company: in the package, with printer cartridges and various graphics cards, there was a pack of coaters that looked suspiciously like the ones you get in Paris “cafés” for your beer. Does it mean this computer store consider its loyal customers as beer drinkers?

I emailed the marketing service about this puzzling question. Surprisingly enough – don’t forget we’re in France – I got an answer within 30 minutes. Julie from marketing wrote to me those coaters were for any kind of drinks, mostly fruit juices and sodas. This goody didn’t reflect at all the drinking habits of the employees of the company or what they think about the drinking habits of their customers and was just a gesture to loyal customers.

I’m a little disappointed. I thought I had a new category of consumers: computer geeks drinking beer! Too bad!

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