Competition for Crushpad?

by Eve Resnick on July 10, 2008

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City wineries seem to be the last trend! The first City Winery will open in New York City this fall. Like Crushpad, City Winery will allow its clients to make their own wines and create their own label with the advice of a staff winemaker. The difference between the two wineries comes from the origin of the grapes: Crushpad works mostly with Californian grapes since it’s located in San Francisco while City Winery will provide grapes from across the continent and South America, as well as from local vineyards, giving its members access to Oregon Pinot Noir, Napa Zinfandel, Finger Lakes Riesling or Chilean Malbec.

Will it be more of a competition between different styles of wines than between two wineries? It sounds like it!

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