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by Eve Resnick on July 3, 2008

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Even if you think sometimes – like I do after fighting with a recalcitrant cork – that screwcaps are easier, you’ll get “corksavvy” after I tell you about their new feature.

First, a few words on It’s a pleasant site – not 100% easy to navigate because of the Flash and it doesn’t run on Firefox! – but it offers a nice mix of technology and information. It’s full of chefs’ interviews, wine information, wine and food pairings suggestions, vineyards, etc. You can get plenty of information without bothering about the technology.

Which I did until I clicked on “Free Wine Diary” and “Free Virtual Wine Rack”. Ok! Don’t tell me: here is an other virtual wine cellar. It’s true and untrue. Registration with is free; the virtual wine rack and wine diary are all incorporated. Helpful tutorials on the website show new users exactly how to set up and add new entries into their wine racks and wine diaries.

The site now takes the consumers a step further by including a phone application. What’s the use? Marketers know consumers can never remember the name of this great bottle of wine they had at their last dinner party or at such restaurant. With this device just get the phone out of your pocket, apologize to your table neighbors and… shoot the label with your phone camera. Then email the photo to and add a description like “Crisp, Fruity, and Delicious”. Once home, log into a personalized CorkSavvy My Cellar account where you can add further descriptions, arrange photos, and catalogue entries. Isn’t it wonderful? I just love this device – except for the rude part of taking a picture at the table. Let me think: is it really ruder than taking my little notebook out of my purse to make a note? Maybe not and it might start an interesting conversation on wine and technology.

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1 Julie July 8, 2008 at 4:00 pm

I love taking pics of wine labels with my cell phone camera. It’s a great way to remember the moment. I went to the site and it looks like there’s some good info – but it doesn’t give any information about the company or who is producing the site. Do you have any further info?

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