My My My: wine cocktails that are not sangria!

by Eve Resnick on July 11, 2008

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Take a little R.H. Phillips’ Night Harvest Chardonnay, dark rum, vanilla simple syrup and pineapple juice, shake and mix. You get a Star Glazer cocktail. Not crazy about Chardonnay? No problem! Take a teaspoon of muddled ginger, 1 1/2 ounces of apple cider, a pinch of chai tea powder and two ounces of Ecco Domani Chianti and you get the Ecco Cidro, very popular at the Buddha Bar in New York City.

I’m not kidding: those recipes are created by master cocktail consultants for wine makers, such as R.H. Philips and Ecco Domani. Some cocktail specialists create wine based concoctions for palates not used to powerful wines or for sweet tooth owners: Duggan McDonnell, owner of Cantina in San Francisco, sells hard liquors mixed with malbecs, sauternes and muscats.

Is it a new trend or a passing trend? Bar owners and wine makers seem to be eager to surf on this wave of lighter alcoholic drinks, mixing a big fat red wine with coca-cola or other sodas. Who could be the targets of such a drink? Maybe younger people, what we call in Europe the “Coca-Cola generation” or people having a problem with high alcoholic wines, such as zinfandel or malbecs.

As a “serious” wine drinker, would you try such a cocktail?


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