Women and wine: a most inspired web site

by Eve Resnick on July 14, 2008

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Last week, I happened to read on my favorite wine community site, OpenWineConsortium, the name of Julie Brosterman who recently joined. I knew her name through her web site, women and wine, created about three years ago. I followed her as the web site grew and became more important, as the content improved and increased, as contributors grew into numbers and as followers and subscribers multiplied. Julie is about to launch a new version of her site very soon and go international.

Until last week I never had the opportunity or the pleasure to talk to Julie. I discovered a warm and open woman, passionate about wine and with strong and pertinent opinions on women and wine. What makes her site special? It is a community site, mostly centered on women as women are now recognized as an important part of consumers and wine professionals. There are radio shows downloadable on the site, an e-magazine full of news, stories and insights, various wine clubs, a blog written by Julie and even possibilities for luxury travels.

If you want to know more about what’s going on on the site, subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll meet a lively and strong female community on the web. Enjoy!

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