Nothing but The Snooth?

by Eve Resnick on August 1, 2008

in General

There are a few sites whose use of new technologies and creativity are so interesting I check them regularly and stay tuned to what they create. is one of them: I love their dynamism and imagination as well as the enthusiasm of the young founder, Philip James. just came up with a great functionality on the site – one more, I should say: you can locate the wines you want to buy by entering your zip code. Isn’t it so clever (or sooooooo clever, like some people I know would emphasize)? Philip and his team are still working on a few glitches but all in all the feature is a wonderful improvement over many other search tools on other sites. And guess what? The feature will be available for Europe very soon. I can’t wait!

Since I’m impatient, I’ll now be on the look out for the other feature is working on: a mobile application. Won’t it wonderful when you’re shopping for dinner and are looking for THE wine that will pair with your dish?

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