Do you know "The Wine Gang"?

by Eve Resnick on September 16, 2008

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I bet you don’t! Under this weird name that sent a shiver through my email box five highly regarded wine critics launch a new site. Tom Cannavan, whose was largely featured in Wine Brands, is one of the five musketeers along with Tim Atkin MW of The Observer, Anthony Rose of The Independent, Joanna Simon of The Sunday Times and Olly Smith of BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen. By the way, for those who missed the news, Tom Cannavan was just named as International Online Wine Writer of the Year by Louis Roederer International Wine Writers Awards.

Back to my subject. Why is it relevant to this blog? Tom Cannavan was one of the very first journalists who made the big jump from print to online. He followed the evolution of the web as a writer and a wine critic. He applied to his online writing the same care as to his print writing: no fast article thrown on the web but careful writing, researching and tasting. was followed by and This new initiative of Tom and his colleagues reveals the status now acquired by the online writing: the web is a powerful tool helping wine critics to spread the information on wines, wine makers and wine producing areas. “A comprehensive monthly report will feature at least 200 no-nonsense tasting notes covering not only the good and the great, but the bad and the ugly too. Every wine is ranked on a 100-point scale, and our powerful database let’s you find wines by retailer, price, wine name, score or vintage”, explains the PR.

Of course, this database is as for now limited to wines available in the UK. I’m sure that Tom and his friends will expand the system to other countries: that’s the beauty of the web! The only missing feature – as a wine consumer – is a convivial way to talk among us and with the Wine Gang: I’d like a nice community around our five friends. Next step, Tom?

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