How technology will help protect wines

by Eve Resnick on September 18, 2008

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Technology and wine was supposed to be the subject of our Internet live radio show, but since our guests never called in we had to switch to other topics. I feel a little frustrated as I had thought about other things to talk about besides communities, podcasts, etc.

Indeed technology covers also all those industrial processes helping the producer and the consumer to get a better wine in the glass. One of the nightmares of a wine buyer is to wonder in what conditions the wine traveled or had been kept by its successive owners. How many times I decided against buying a bottle in a store (even at a good price) only because I didn’t know the storing conditions of the shop or the way the wine traveled.

All those questions can now be answered, thanks to a special label that reflects a band of temperatures. If a shipment or a place stays within desired parameters, a light flashes green. If temperatures get too high or low, it flashes yellow. The stored date can be downloaded and show when and where the temperature variations occurred. No more risk to have a “cooked” wine! The price of this label is $20 a box for the labeling, a relatively small price for expensive wine.In California, Schug winery already adopted the device made by an Idaho company called PakSense.

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