Major events missed while traveling

by Eve Resnick on September 3, 2008

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How vexing to have missed so many fascinating events, just because I was traveling in the US and then taking two days (well, about 30 hours) to drag myself and my suitcases from California to France, through Salt Lake City and Paris. Convenient but not as fast as I hoped!

Anyway, I missed two major events and it will take me a little time to recover from the disappointment. Let’s start by my first disappointment: a Live Twitter tasting and marathon food narrated by my friend Robert McIntosh, author of the blog The Wine Conversation and co-founder of OpenWineConsortium to match some of the best wines of Hugel & Fils. The Twitter Tasting is organized by the distributor Bin Ends once a month since July 2008, as explained on their site: “Twitter Taste LIVE is a ground breaking new tasting format that will bring the famous wine personalities of the world straight to the consumer via the popular social networking tool Twitter. This is not just national, but international! Users all over the world will have the opportunity to join the worlds top wine personalities online to taste their wines. Even better, users will have the potential to comment, ask questions and go back and forth with the winemakers in real time.” Robert and the participants from Europe, China and the US chatted along the tasting and the pairing. The event went well, if I believe Robert’s report with the usual little technical blunders. The experience was basically very positive and was even featured on Springwise.

His virtual tasting done, Robert McIntosh went to the first European Wine Bloggers Conference (EWBC) 2008 founded by our friends of the OpenWineConsortium (OWC) held in Logrono, Spain on August 28-31! That’s what it takes to be an international traveler. They’d better give me the dates of the next conference: I’ll make sure to be around. What stamina! When the organizers expected 10 people, they had many more and had to close the event for lack of room! Wonderful! It looks like everybody was able to taste wonderful wines brought by the attendees and WORK: they talked about what blogging is about and how to make money with a blog, they chatted live, they made videos and even had the conference filmed by VinusTV. There is not yet a formal report of the conference but you can already read all the biographies of the participants and their interviews.

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1 Robert McIntosh September 4, 2008 at 12:37 pm

Wow! I’m a busy man


look forward to involving you in the next events

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