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by Eve Resnick on September 12, 2008

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Environment friendly packaging is a great concern to some producers. Boisset Family Estates is one of them. After launching the famous French rabbit, Boisset Family Estates put on the market his Controlled Appellation Bonus Passus Côtes du Rhône in PET bottles made with Constar International Inc.s MonOxbar Plus oxygen scavenger technology.

I’m not one for major technical explanations and care mostly about the marketing side of such a launch. The company is widely surfing on the recent and fashionable wave of sustainable development. As Constar marketing director Alex Fioravanti stated in the press release, Communities, retailers, and consumers are demanding more sustainable, eco-friendly packaging options, whether for everyday items or higher end purchases like fine wine. For some products, the barrier to conversion has been package performance. Can I give consumers a green package without sacrificing the quality and integrity of my product? is a question thats often asked. With Constars MonOxbar Plus oxygen scavenger technology for PET, were able to deliver performance and sustainability to Boisset Family Estates, allowing them to satisfy the growing desire for sustainable packaging among wine consumers.

It is a bold move on the part of Boisset: will the consumer of French fine wines follow him in this direction? I’d be interested in asking some international wine connoisseurs what they think of this innovation: will they put on their table a wine packaged in PET?

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