Two days in Burgundy

by Eve Resnick on September 29, 2008

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I just came back from two days in Burgundy. I was signing my book at the first book fair organized at the Château du Clos de Vougeot, Livres en Vignes (Books in Vineyards) and was part of a panel on “Wine and Culture” with François Audouze, founder of the wine-diners and the Academy of Ancient Wines and Enrico Bernardo, World Best Sommelier.

It was a wonderful event where I met some of the most brilliant minds, such as Jean-Robert Pitte, Professor and author of many books, including the wonderful Bordeaux-Bourgogne, enologists, sommeliers, writers and other personalities. More interestingly I spoke with many visitors and readers and shared with them many ideas on wine, culture and business.

We also had the opportunity, when driven from one place to another one (mostly from the château to an other château or a restaurant!), to admire the beautiful Burgundy landscape: the little hills planted with the best vineyards. The picking started last week, on Wednesday 24th and everybody was at work under a bright sun. This year the harvest is taking place at a “normal” time – the end of September by opposition to the last ten years, when it happened 2 weeks earlier. The harvest is going full speed and we should know very soon what the vintners and winemakers think of it.

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