Water and Branding

by Eve Resnick on September 26, 2008

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Water is the healthiest drink for us, according to most medical authorities. Like wine and any other beverage, water has been changing over the years to appeal to different cultural groups, age groups and various demographics. My favorite packaging design blog follows the look of water as well as wine, whiskey and beer. The following are just the last few designs for H20.

Tapd NY
Another Bloody Water
Before and After

Water is probably one of the best income sources for European restaurants. Travelers also recognize that you will pay 1 euro, sometimes even 2 or 3 (= $5 US!) for a small bottle of water. Do they look at brands when they do this? Of course.

So getting back to wine, when in a restaurant that has a limited wine list, are you more likely to order a wine whose brand you have seen, even briefly in a magazine or on a site? Is there a difference between wine and water at that level?

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