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by Eve Resnick on September 19, 2008

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It is all over the news: will sell very soon wine in 26 states. Some people are raging, some are skeptical and a lot are indifferent. But when one reads that the famous and well respected Wall Street Journal is going to sell wine, one is surprised. What’s going on with those institutions? has been selling many items beside books over the last years. The wine business could be considered as an extension of its many services. The case of the WSJ is more unexpected. Since the WSJ was bought by Rupert Murdoch News Group, it underwent a transformation from a business to a general-news publication. Its wine critics are appreciated by the readers. And there are connections between the financial world and wine: wine is now becoming an investment for many people more than a pleasure; financiers are also consumers and buyers of fine wines.

Why is this disturbing? Wine is a business requiring knowledge, taste, a certain culture. Some people spent years learning about the history of wine, how to taste, tasting and telling/writing/sharing what and why they liked or disliked. I’d rather walk in a wine store or be involved in an online wine community where I’ll be offered carefully selected wines and I’ll meet fellow drinkers. Am I wrong? I don’t know but I’m confused…

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