A funny little feature of RedPinkWhite.com

by Eve Resnick on October 2, 2008

in General

Until this morning I didn’t know the site RedPinkWhite.com or its widget. It took me a little while to figure out how it works but it is worth it.

I went on the site of RedPinkWhite and clicked on the beta version. First it asked to choose a color: I chose Red. Then several little squares filled with options to click on : winery, price, varietal, etc. And it gave me answers: I just had to click on them to have access to several wines with a large range of prices.

Why is this feature so interesting? You can add it to your blog or your Internet publication. If you are a retailer, you can partner with the site and get into several social network.

Some bloggers already adopted this wine finder widget, such as our friend Elizabeth from eLizconnections blog, also a member of OpenWineConsortium. Wine 2.0 is a great and wide open world!

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