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by Eve Resnick on October 13, 2008

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Dry Creek Winery published a press release announcing the launch of a new section on its web site: an “Amazon-style” customers reviews for its wines. On the homepage of the site, second generation proprietor Kim Stare Wallace is quoted saying, “This is cutting edge stuff for wineries. We know we’re extending our necks a bit for some potential criticism, but we’re willing to take that risk.” Still on the same homepage, the IT Director, Lynda Abbott, says: “This is going to help customers make purchase decisions regarding our wines. They will be able to rely on their peers and personal experiences. Wineries are traditionally behind the curve in implementing new technology. This is just the beginning.” The news was then carried on by the Daytondailynews website in its “Uncorked” section.

Is it because I’m so immersed in the new technologies applied to wine that I felt it was a “non event”, at least not worth a mention in a newspaper? There are many web sites, mostly on line wine stores, carrying customers’ reviews on the wines they carry: snooth.com, redpinkwhite.com, thewinespies.com and many others. Those sites are really involved in the Web 2.0. Dry Creek Winery is just applying to its web site an old strategy. But it works!

I checked on the Dry Creek 2007 Chenin blanc and clicked on “Read or Post a comment”. There were several comments:

The first comment, dated October 3, is not very good as you can (vaguely) guess on the image: only two stars overall when the second one is very positive (5 stars).

It is a very positive step taken by Dry Creek winery. Indeed it helps them keep a tighter control on their image and their brand’s image. It is also a very good think for their customers who can talk to each other and share their experience. It implies a total honesty on the part of the winery: no editing of the comments (supposing they’re genuine) and no “bettering” f the comments.

Good luck to Dry Creek winery in this new virtual adventure!

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