Are you recycling too much glass?

by Eve Resnick on October 22, 2008

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If we believe all our governments, every citizen in every country drinks too much! The UK imagined a more “subtle” way to make people feel guilty by starting a campaign on how much they recycle glass!

You feel good because you recycle and there is a little spy counting the bottles you put in the bin. This a very devious way to “help” people control their drinking. Maybe I’m a little hard on the campaign but the explanation of doesn’t convince me: “A new £1m poster campaign (pictured) by drinks industry lobby group The Drinkaware Trust focuses not on typical ‘binge drinkers’ but on middle class drinkers for whom a glass of wine with dinner becomes three or four. The campaign aims to persuade drinkers into cutting back by pointing out how many bottles they take to recycling each week. “

It seems that British couples are more likely to drink 5 times a week and exceed the reasonable 2 glasses a day for women and 3 to 4 glasses a day for men. “A lot of couples don’t realise if they are sharing a bottle of wine between them then it takes them into the area where if they did it consistently it’s putting their health at risk”, Trust chairman Derek Lewis said to Decanter.

Why am I skeptical? Because every country has a scapegoat as wine is concerned. Nobody wants to stop the citizens to drink – well, not really but if they could stop drinking, it would be better. It seems there is no end in making wine lovers feel guilty! But recycling… this is a new one!

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