The 87 Top Bordeaux Chateaux gathering in Washington DC

by Eve Resnick on October 7, 2008

in General

Each of the 61 chateaux listed in the historic 1855 Medoc classification and all 26 chateaux listed in the 1855 Sauternes classification will donate a bottle of their remarkable 2003 vintage to compose the most amazing wine collection. This wine collection will be auctioned at the French Ambassador’s Residence in Washington DC to the benefit of one of the most prestigious and important French-American institution, the French-American Cultural Foundation and its elegant publication, France Magazine.

Why is such an event relevant to this blog? First, the most famous French brands are represented: Château Haut-Brion, only by itself, is the very first wine brand historically speaking. It was recognized as early as the 18th Century as a brand. Second, this event is very representative of the special links between France and America: when times are hard and relationships difficult, wine appeals to the best in everybody. Because it is a cultural product, because it tells a story of terroir and mankind, wine is the best bridge between our two countries. It is wonderful to see 87 properties linked together to fund an organization working to promote our culture in the US. And the US are giving us so much: Tom Black, one of the most respected wine collector, will host the event and stage the auction. The French American Cultural Foundation and France Magazine writers are the best advocates of French culture abroad. We can’t thank them enough for their wonderful job. This auction is the right gesture to honor them.

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