The rise of China as wine producer

by Eve Resnick on October 16, 2008

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China – like India – is most likely to be see as a huge potential consumers’ market. But it is also becoming a main producer. Dynasty, Changyu and Great Wall, the three major wine companies, control about half of China’s market for grape-based wines. Grape wines are still a minority on the Chinese market when rice wine and yellow still account for almost two-thirds of the consumption.

The increase of international corporations’ take in Chinese wineries might change the game: the French wine and spirits company Rémy Cointreau owns a 27 percent stake of Dynasty. An other factor is the rising quality of the Chinese wine production and their very competitive prices – around $3 for a bottle.

I would be very curious to taste some Chinese wines. I’m sure they must be as interesting as the Thai wines I tasted a few weeks ago.

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