The wine entrepreneurs of Web 2.0

by Eve Resnick on October 14, 2008

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When writing Wine Brands, I met several wine entrepreneurs of the Web 1.0 generation – people who started their company or their venture in the mid-90s like Peter Granoff with Those people were the pioneers of the industry and younger entrepreneurs – the wine entrepreneurs of Web 2.0 – owe them a lot because those guys opened the road to innovation and creativity.

But these entrepreneurs of Web 2.0 are very different from those of the first generation. They are younger, sometimes don’t come from the wine business and they are passionate about two things, wine and new technologies. They usually have a lot of innovative ideas, such as, a site we talked about with one of its founders, Andre, on our Internet live radio show. There are also those names you might recognize as I mentioned them along the months in this blog: Crushpad, snooth, thewinespies, ablegrape, americanwinery, ewinewatch, TheMutineer, redpinkwhite and many others. There are also the authors of many blogs related to wine and new technology whose contacts you’ll find on openwineconsortium.

What is amazing is that most of those new adventures are… American, with the exception of Andre who is Portuguese. Is it that Americans are less afraid to be entrepreneurs than their European peers? Or is it a tradition in anglo-saxon countries to have a more entrepreneurial spirit? Or is it because the American market is so wide and so open it makes it easy? I don’t know. I’m not an economist but I saw this new generation of wine entrepreneurs grow and develop with a pleasure I meant to share with you.


1 ryan October 16, 2008 at 3:29 pm

There are plenty that are not us based, though the US has a louder voice overall. Check out:
and many more….
we just all need to work to promote them more! 🙂

2 Evelyne Resnick October 16, 2008 at 3:36 pm

Hi Ryan,
I’m impressed indeed by the sites you mentioned in your mail. I’m working on a series of articles on the wine entrepreneurs of Web 2.0 and am in the process of talking to Andre from Adegga (Portugal). I didn’t know the sites you mentioned. I’ll certainly interview their founders for my articles. Thanks a million!

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