Wine consumption: up or down?

by Eve Resnick on October 21, 2008

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This is the question many producers, distributors or retailers are asking themselves. In fact, it seems the picture is very contrasted.

“Wine industry numbers are beginning to slow, warned Morgan Stanley in a research note, while domestic beer drove gains at the expense of wine, spirits and imported beer in the latest four weeks”, reports Megan Havenkorn in her Wine and Spirits Daily Newsletter of October 20. Worse, wines above $7 lost market shares. But “most price segments are still seeing growth, and the off-premise is making up for softness in the on-premise (for the most part). As my fellow editor Harry Schuhmacher put it last week, you want to be in the high end or low end of the pricing segment in the wine industry. And although the on-premise, particularly restaurants, is taking a notable hit, retail stores are picking up sales in all areas of the alcohol beverage industry”, said Megan.

Let’s see the bright side of this crisis: there are a lot of good and enjoyable wines under $10 or in the $10 to $15 bracket. Isn’t it time we get a little more adventurous and taste all those wines that, in better times, we didn’t even look at? Are all cheaper wines mass-market brands of poor quality? I don’t think so. Wherever your location, you’ll always find a little gem either discovered by your favorite retailer or bought by chance at your local supermarket. Don’t be shy, don’t deprive yourself of this little pleasure: a good wine shared with your loved one, your family and/or your friends.

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