Boutique wineries in San Francisco

by Eve Resnick on November 25, 2008

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16 boutiques wineries located in San Francisco and using the facilities of Crushpad, the luxury urban winery, founded an association to promote their “first-rate, hand-crafted wines”. According to their web site, “Each vintner is unique; some favoring a “New World” style of winemaking; some focusing on just a single varietal; some making 100% organic wines. But all share a common desire: to make first-class, 90+ point wines. As artisan winemakers, they also desire a close, personal connection with their customers, and each welcomes the opportunity to invite new friends to enjoy their wines.”

What makes this association unique is the fact all wine making is located in the heart of San Francisco, since it happens in the Crushpad facilities. The wineries typically produce from 50 to 500 cases. The owners might even have “day” jobs but they’re all committed to create a high-end and delicious wine.

The wines are sold through the web site and a wine club. I can’t help noticing that 3 out of the 16 wineries have dogs on their labels!

Funny monikers seem to be still trendy – in spite of the fact consumers might get tired of them! Behind every of those labels, there is a story of man, dog and wine. “Canine Wines”, states the web site, “was inspired by our passions for wine and animals. We produce handcrafted wine using premium grapes from some of the finest vineyards in California. We then give $5 of every bottle sold to help good animals find their forever home.” On the other hand, “Due Cani (two dogs in Italian) is named after the founders’ rescue Chihuahuas and donates a percentage of profit to animal rescue organizations,” while “Pug Wine celebrates its founder’s twin passions- the vibrant character of pure bred pugs and fine wine.”

Whatever name they chose for their winery (and the reason behind it), the 16 members of this new association produce fine wines from $35 to $60. Their wines are professional, distributed through exclusive channels and the proof of the high quality of Crushpad facilities.

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