Globalization of wine? Maybe not

by Eve Resnick on November 19, 2008

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Ed Schwartz is challenging the very notion of globalization of wine in his article for the Napa Valley Register. He claims globalization does not lead to the sameness of taste all over the world. On the contrary, “Globalization of wine sets me off in another direction — the amazing growth of international commerce in wine in this generation”, writes Schwartz.

The last 40 years saw the rise of wine regions the consumers didn’t know or appreciate. Californian wines were put on the map after the 1976 Paris Tasting. Sicilian wines are now more respected when their Nero d’Avola rises in quality. Tuscany is not synonymous of low quality Chianti any more. “Today, a top level wine merchant will have well over 200 Italian red wines ranging from excellent Falesco wines under $10 to a line of highly regarded wines from Gaja, some of which command prices close to $300 a bottle.”

Schwartz gives many other examples but I think we got the point: globalization has a positive effect because it gives the consumers access to many great wines from all over the world. Cheers!


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