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by Eve Resnick on November 3, 2008

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Luxury and value brands seem to be the winners in these lean times. After the stunning 1,500 euros bottle of champagne, let’s concentrate on the value wines recently launched by Tesco in the UK.

The Value range is available in red, white and pink in Tetra Prisma Pak containers of 1 liter for the price of GBP2.49 – a very good value, indeed. The wines were outsourced from the Felix Solis Avantis winery in Spain, in the Vino de Mesa range. The Vino de Mesa range is already in Tetra Prisma Pak in its Spanish version. The bodega produces a wide range of wines -outstanding ones as well as value ones.

In our days, Tesco’s choice makes sense. A recent study showed the UK consumer spends less money on a bottle of wine. Why not offer him a very good value wine? “The market has changed rapidly over the past twelve months, and we have responded quickly and effectively to these conditions to support our customers’ needs,” said Andrew Carpenter, Tesco wine category manager. “Whilst our average bottle spend is still over GBP4, an increasing number of customers are forced to limit their spend. Rather than lose them from the category entirely, we have responded with a stronger value offering.”

Last but not least advantage of the Tetra Prima Pak: it supports Tesco’s plan to reduce packaging waste by 25% by 2010.

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1 Joshua Smith November 5, 2008 at 3:04 pm

A couple value brands recently considered in the OC Register in the US. Thanks for the post!

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