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by Eve Resnick on December 31, 2008

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Happy Anniversary to winebrandsblog! A little more than a year ago, I emailed the final version of my book to my publisher. At first I felt happy and relieved I completed this difficult and enjoyable task. But I kept collecting information and thinking about new media and the wine business. It didn’t take me long to understand that new media and new technologies kept evolving and developing while my publisher was proofreading, editing, formatting and printing my book. I started the blog primarily to update the information given in my book and keep my (future) readers informed.

Over the months, the blog itself evolved and changed. Of course, I keep updating the information but I also commented on news, got involved in a few controversies and looked at all new technology – new media, social media, the cork business, new softwares, e-commerce, etc. All along 2008 I followed the development of snooth.com, ablegrape.com, americanwinery.com, thewinespies.com, The Mutineer Magazine and many others. I talked to all those young entrepreneurs full of spirit and energy. I became a proud member of this new and thriving community, OpenWineConsortium and developed relationships with several members. I unfortunately couldn’t attend the first European Wine Bloggers Conference in Spain (being in the US at the time) and the First American Wine Bloggers Conference in California (being in Europe at the time). I lectured on new media and the wine business in the US at the Society of Wine Educators Conference in New Orleans and attended various conferences in Europe. I try to be present on Twitter as much as I can to share information and keep in touch with friends and colleagues as well as to connect professionally to people. All this was made possible by a very simple tool, a blog. It also made me a wine blogger, a title unthinkable a few years ago!

As 2008 is fading away, I must confess I’m happy with this passed year. Of course, there were success and happiness as well as sorrow and failures. Of course, everything wasn’t rosy all the time but looking back to the good things help to start a new year with happiness and hope. What will 2009 bring us? I don’t know but belonging to the “half full glass” type, I expect a lot of positive things: new fascinating technologies, great projects from creative and energetic people, wonderful wines, a lot of new contacts and positive experiences, belonging to many thriving communities and staying in touch with a moving and changing world. I’m sure 2009 will make a difference in our life, a positive difference, of course! Next year, same time, same place, I’ll raise a glass to a wonderful 2009 and will expect even more positive and beautiful accomplishments from 2010! Cheers! See you next year to start a new journey!

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