Burghound "Taste Now" Tweets

by Eve Resnick on December 3, 2008

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Burgundy wine lovers have their own reference, the Burghound quarterly newsletter. Its 32nd Issue just came out. Founded 8 years ago by Allen Meadows, the Burghound is the result of a lifelong passion for Burgundy wines. For the last 25 years, Allen Meadows has been tasting Burgundy wines, visiting the many “appellations” and documenting the evolution of wines of over 1,200 estates. He offers completely independent information on every wine he has tasted: the good and the bad, the drinkability, etc. A few years ago, a database of his notes was put on line and today as of issue 31, there are about 40,000 detailed tasting notes available to subscribers.

This week, Allen has initiated another innovation, his “Taste Now Tweets”. Burghound has decided to send a weekly note excerpt via Twitter with a random selection of a great Burgundy that’s ready to taste starting this year.

Follow Allen Meadows’ “taste now” tweets: http://twitter.com/burghound

You can also see a full randomly-selected full tasting note each week on
this page.

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