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by Eve Resnick on December 12, 2008

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A thread on ethnic marketing on OWC and our Wednesday podcast on Spanish wines started me thinking on marketing to Hispanics in the US. I mentioned in Wine Brands the initiative of Round Hill Winery, California, in 2004 with their “Bolsa de Recetas” or “Bag of Recipes” on their bottles of wine.

It was the beginning of a trend in the wine business. Wineries saw the huge potential of wine drinkers that the Hispanic community represented in the US by its diversity. The Wine Market Council targeted at the same time two main bodies: the Millennials and the Hispanics. In 2006, according to the web site, meetings with the Hispanic media in Miami were conducted with bilingual chef spokesperson Richard Sandoval. Included in this effort was a live appearance of Chef Sandoval on the national Univision morning show “Despierta America”. Their efforts were the results of a survey the Council organized in 2006. According to this survey, 31 percent of Hispanic wine drinkers are consuming more wine now than they were during the last few years, while only 11 percent of Caucasians say the same and they are 50 percent more likely than their Caucasian counterparts to enjoy wine only for a special occasion or celebration.

The Council hired Richard Sandoval, award-winning chef and owner of the leading international group Modern Mexican Restaurants to explain to Hispanics the pleasure of pairing wine and Mexican food. Hispanics show a strong sense of their roots in the choice of their wines. They favor wines from Spanish speaking countries, such as Chili, Argentina and now Mexico whose wine industry is growing.

Hispanics are making an impact on the wine industry more than any other ethnic group. “Current Hispanic consumption trends and increasing attention to this market by leading wineries around the world can together make for rapid and lasting growth of wine as a truly enjoyable part of the everyday lives of millions of adult Hispanic American consumers,” concludes John Gillespie, President of the Wine Market Council.

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