"the ones that innovate will continue to grow"

by Eve Resnick on December 22, 2008

in Innovation

This is the positive statement of Harvey Chaplin, Chairman and Chief of Southern Wine and Spirits, as quoted in Wine&SpiritsDaily newsletter. Chaplin is convinced that there will be growth in the wine business as new generations come to legal drinking age and get interested in wine and spirits. It may not grow at the same rate of 4 or 5%, but it will keep growing.

The interesting point is the innovation. There is no need to get scared and stop thinking about new ideas and new brands. When the crisis will be over, consumers will ask for new brands and new products. The winners will be those who will have those brands to sell – not those who tried to get rid of their stock and don’t have exciting brands in stock. We need new generation wine bars, new concepts for wine restaurants and new wine brands. Let’s think positive in 2009! Cheers!

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