Twitter for a brand?

by Eve Resnick on December 15, 2008

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Dr. Mark Drapeau thinks brands should be banned from Twitter. Why? “Not unlike Facebook and other sites, every account would represent a person using a real name, location, and picture”, wrote Drapeau. “New users would find having only real, authentic people on Twitter more attractive.”

As a Twitter user, I can say most people I met on the chat are “real people” with their identity and work related topics. Why are we on Twitter? Because we want to keep in touch with people we met on other networks, because we want to be informed of what they’re doing (personally or professionally) and inform them of our activities, maybe even meet them in real life. Tools like “Direct messages” are also a wonderful way to connect in real time with the other twitters.

Why shouldn’t a brand be on Twitter? International brands, like Dior or Dunkin Donuts, IBM or Dell, have thousands of employees. They can easily dedicate a few of those employees to become their ambassadors on Twitter. Those people could do a wonderful job answering consumers’ questions or complaints, presenting new products or services and whatever is relevant to the brand. There is no need to be anonymous or to hide behind the brand name. On the contrary, such a behavior would be counter-productive.

Smaller brands or famous names, like in the wine business, would gain a lot to be on Twitter. They could link to their news page or their blog as well as communicate directly with their consumers. Twitter for brands? Yes!


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