UK consumers prefer American wines

by Eve Resnick on December 16, 2008

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Bad news for the French wine industry: for the first time ever, UK consumers drank more American wines than French wines. According to, “Sales of American wine in the off-trade grew 5% to £781m in the year to November, while French wine sales fell 3% to £780m.”

Why is that? Americans know how to market their wines because they listen to their consumers and figure out what they like. France knows how to make wonderful wines but don’t know how to market them. Proof? France is the very first producer of rosé wines in the world with the famous rosé de Provence. Again according to, “Crucial to the success of US wines is Californian rosé, which has become a hit with women in Britain. Sales of rosé went up by 17% in the year to October. French rosé has done badly, slipping by 9% in volume and 5% in value”.

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