Barack Obama and Thomas Jefferson

by Eve Resnick on January 23, 2009

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The new American President is becoming the darling of the wine industry! He likes wine, he has good taste in wine and knows his history. Thomas Jefferson, third American President, is also well known and appreciated in France for his taste for French wines and his willingness to create a real wine industry in the US, starting by its own Virginia state.

It happened that the 3rd and the 44th presidents’ names were associated during one of the numerous dinners attended by President Obama during his inauguration’s celebrations. President Obama and his guests were served two wines from Virginia: Barboursville Vineyards Cabernet Franc Reserve 2006 and Barboursville Vineyards Octagon 2005. Barboursville is the estate of Jefferson’s friend, James Babour and is one of the three estates designed by Jefferson for his friends. It is only 20 miles north of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, where he began planting vineyards in 1807.

We know – at least those who read Wine Brands – that Jefferson’s attempts at creating a vineyard in Virginia failed but he would be proud to see that the vineyard created on the Barboursville Estate is growing nice wines, celebrated by his successors.

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