Malbec from Cahors is coming to the US

by Eve Resnick on January 26, 2009

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One of my most important study case in Wine Brands was on the strategy of the Malbec wines of Cahors. By then, in 2006-2007, the producers of French Malbec from Cahors had decided on a strategy based on on line tools, such as two blogs and emailing as well as on two options: Cahors is Malbec; Malbec is black.

The Cahors producers are now going one step further. They are getting ready to market their wines in the US; They just announced a 3-year plan with a budget of 1 million euros devoted to on line and off line actions. Of course, they’re will be tastings and events for the trade and the consumers but they want to use the web as the main tool to promote their actions and reinforce their presence on the US market. They segmented their wines in three categories: Cahors Malbec, Malbec Black Wine and Malbec Grand Cru with a different price point for each category. The first two categories should be introduced on the US market in 2009. The strategy allows the use of, a blog, buzz marketing and many other Web 2.0 tools. More details will be revealed in a few weeks and I’ll keep you posted on the new developments.


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