Napa Valley’s historical roots

by Eve Resnick on January 8, 2009

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To a lot of wine drinkers around the world, there is the Old World of wine – mainly Europe – and the New World of wines – mainly the US, Australia or South America. Andy Beckstaffer, one of the most prominent grape growers in Napa Valley, initiated a research to map the old vineyards of Napa Valley, in the hope of proving wrong the idea of California as part of the new world of wine. Theproject spearheaded when he saw some maps dated 1890.

When the Europe of wine is moving away from its roots and trying to match the New World wine industry in creating brands and refering to grape varietals instead of terroirs, the new world of wine is tracing back its roots. More and more Californian wines are refering to local places or specific plots of land. Very soon some Californian producers will even be able to date their vineyards and write the complete history of their land. Which is the proof that both strategies are valid: it is possible to link a place to a varietal as well as find your roots in history and geography.

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