Women and the Spirits of the World

by Eve Resnick on February 10, 2009

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Women are buying 80% of the wines in supermarkets. Are they as interested in spirits? That’s what a coming international competition will reveal, Women and Spirits of The World International Competition taking place in Monaco on April 23rd, 2009. According to Beatrice Cointreau, former CEO of the French Frapin Cognac, “Women have always been active players, and not just consumers of spirits. […] Today, there are more and more women managing the big French distilleries and/or in strategic management positions in large international groups and/or having professions as distillers, enologists, sommeliers, negotiants, journalists, etc…”

Regine Le Coz is the President founder of the Competition and gathered the best technical committee who will designate the 5 panels of judges. This competition is a very good way to attract attention to a part of the industry that is overlooked by women. Some of them are or were heads of major companies, like Beatrice Cointreau or Florence Castarède in Armagnac. But women are usually more wine or champagne drinkers than spirits drinkers. It will show them that women are quite able to enjoy spirits with Spirit and Talent!

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