A new label for J wines

by Eve Resnick on March 23, 2009

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A few years ago, I was in a wine store in Charlotte, N.C. when a young woman walked in, looked around and grabbed with obvious delight a bottle of a red wine adorned with a stylish J on the bottle: no mention of the varietal or the vintage on the front part of the bottle. I never heard of the winery and was intrigued by this mystery wine. It happened to be a bottle of Pinot Noir from the J vineyards in Russian Valley. While I was looking at the bottle and trying to figure out what it was, the young woman bought a case of it as well as a case of their sparkling wine. Waoooo! This wine must be good! I asked the woman why she was buying so much from one single producer. Her answer almost knocked me down: “My name is Johnson and since it’s our anniversary tonight, I thought it would be so cute to serve a wine with our initial on the label.” “But do you know the wine? is it good?”, did I ask her. “Oh no”, said she, “I never heard of it and it doesn’t matter anyway: I just want the “J” on the bottle!”.

Why am I telling you this story? Because J vineyards just announced they’re changing their label for their new vintage releases. Since then I did my homework and now know that J vineyards produce nice wines, deserving better than being bought for a “cute” label! Does this story tell you something?


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